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We believe in people. 
We believe in building trusted relationships & we value your vision & business. 

BurntJam Corporation  is a South African, multinational  technology company and was founded by CEO, Brett Chaldecott in 2014. It develops, licenses, supports and sells computer enterprise software & services and design scalable, cross platform web development.
Agile development


We believe in rapid development & rapid feedback

make your vision reality

Enterprise Development

BurntJam builds, maintains and support bespoke enterprise software based on your business requirements.


Take control

Infrastucture Maintenance

We can manage, build & maintain infrastructure  which includes, cloud servers and cloud infrastructure, data bases and server containers. 

The power of elegance

Web Development

We Develop Beautiful, Responsive Web and Mobile Sites, with global standards

Think ahead

Block Chain Development

BurntJam has extensive knowledge in both block chain development and implementation. A block chain is a continuously growing list of records which is linked and secured using cryptography.


German compony Credits is partnering up with Burntjam. 



BurntJam has developed a crypto currency called Keto Coin. Keto is a decentralised, money powered operating system, enabling the development and execution of complex, distributed enterprise applications. Applications are developed using smart contracts and are powered by our block chain development using international standards, enabling easy integration and massive scaling to millions of transactions.

Dipforge is all in one middle-ware and a rapid development environment that was developed by BurntJam Corporation.  It is a business software package designed to integrate all areas of business and provides end to end solutions for financials services, IOT (Internet of Things), manufacturing, logistics, distribution, inventories, billing systems,  invoicing, etc. Companies use bespoke software developed on Dipforge for their day to day business activities.
The L-Stacker project is a network and infrastructure builder. It builds a container based network on top of the infrastructure supplied to it. Using this approach enables an organisation to quickly build infrastructure on minimal hardware, in and out of the cloud. Thus maximising investment.The infrastructure is agnostic, meaning that you can safely develop solutions and not have to be concerned about which cloud vendor you are going to utilise.


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